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17.09 -30.12.2006
Den Haag: Museum voor Communicatie
LaSjai, 2006 <!-- exhibition>
A (self) portrait in six cellphones

20.05 - 09.09.2006
Amsterdam: Arti et Amicitiae
Playmobiel <!-- exhibition>
Chill Terminal Gerald Van Der Kaap
LaSjai, 2006
cellphone running movie

20.05 - 09.09.2006
Bucharest: National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC)
Dutch Installation Art <!-- exhibition>
Chill Terminal Gerald Van Der Kaap
White Chill Terminal (Running Brain 5.1)

13.05 - 03.06.2006
Barcelona: Espai Ubú (Travelling to: Altkirch: CRAC Asace 14.06-20.08.2006)
Driving fast through a slowmotion landscape <!-- exhibition>
Be made clean

Be made clean

Gerald Van Der Kaap
Curated by Erich Weiss. A selection of videos presented during festival LOOP in Barcelona. Van Der Kaap showed the prologue from his remix of St. Matthew's Passion (see below)

Amsterdam: Club 11
RaUW Amsterdam Dance Event 2006

03.05 - 26.062006
Rotterdam: Nederlands Fotomuseum
Pictures This! <!-- exhibition>
060505 1314 (mobile)

060505 1314 (mobile)

Gerald Van Der Kaap
050325 1115 (chicago)
060505 1314 (amsterdam)

10.03 |14.04 | 12.05 | 09.06 | 07.07| 11.08| 08.09| 13.10| 20.10.2006
Amsterdam: Club 11

07.04 - 15.04.2006
Amsterdam: Melkweg and other venues in the Netherlands
Matthäus Passion - New Generation Remix <!-- tour>
st. MAtthew Passion Gerald Van Der Kaap
DVD, 13 min 42 sec
Music: Cowgum (Joost van Bellen / Richard Cameron)
'Matthäus Passion - New Generation Remix' is a contemporary dance remix of J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion through both music and video by an impressive list of Dutch DJ/producers and VJ/artists, who were invited by VJ/artist Gerald Van Der Kaap and DJ Joost van Bellen. The 80-minute-remix has been performed live in clubs and venues throughout The Netherlands between 7 and 15 April 2006. People were able to watch the story unfold, before being invited to re-enact the drama of the Passion's crowd scene, choosing between Jesus and Barrabas.

It was the follow-up to 'Matthäus Passion - The Remix', the dadaïstic night organized by Van Der Kaap & Van Bellen at the Melkweg in Amsterdam on Maundy Thursday in 2003, an event that both suprised and shocked.

In the 2006 version Van Der Kaap & Van Bellen have teamed up again to remix the prologue. In the Gospel According to Kaap, Jesus is played by a 16-year-old girl named Sjaïesta. The Apostles are alternately boys ànd girls, played by schoolkids from Amsterdam-North. The classic austerity has been exchanged for an almost documentary setting. The texts are straight from the Gospel but have been freely rendered. The characters change identity like in a dream in which one person suddenly turns into another, e.g. Renaldas, the boy that Sjaïesta is in love with, who not only plays her alterego, but also 'the people' when he says: "Help yourself." Van Der Kaap: "In the opening of his St. Matthew Passion, Bach starts with Matthew 26 in which Jesus foretells that he will be crucified. In the prologue of our remix I decided to give a fragmentaric summary of the whole drama."


15.03 - 15.06.2006
Paris: MEP Maison Européenne de la Photographie
L'esprit du Nord : Netherlands Now - l'école du Nord <!-- exhibition>
Limei (Watch) Gerald Van Der Kaap
Limei (Watch), Xiamen, 2002
50 x 37,5 cm

04.03 - 28.05.2006
Amsterdam: Huis Marseille
Whisper Not! <!-- exhibition>
Cocktail Dress Gerald Van Der Kaap
Cocktail Dress, Osaka, 2000
50 x 34 cm
H+F Collection,Barcelona
view the works...
http://www.huismarseille.nl plus http://www.h-fcollection.com

Amsterdam: Club 11

06.02.2006 - 13.02.2006
Madrid: Torch @ ARCO'06
ARCO'06 <!-- art fair>
Hoilin, Merve & Xaviera, 2005 Gerald Van Der Kaap
Hoilin, Merve & Xaviera,2005
100 x 218 cm
Courtesy Torch,Amsterdam

Rotterdam: Off_Corso
cine RUSH <!-- IFFR special -->
cine RUSH

20.01 - 07.05.2006
Vigo (Spain): MARCO Museo de Arte Contemporránea de Vigo
O momento suspendido. Colleción H&F <!-- exhibition>

20.01- 02.04.2006
Haarlem: De Hallen / Frans Hals Museum
Poort naar de hemel // Frames Revisited. Masterpieces of Dutch portrait photography in antique frames from the Collection Frits Lugt <!-- exhibition>
010117 1713 (jenice) Gerald Van Der Kaap
010117 1713 (jenice), 2001
Casetta frame, Italy, 16th century style

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De Gids
De Gids 2006 / januari
Cover photos for 'De Gids' (2005-2006).

Amsterdam: Club 11

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