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14.12.2004 - 28.02.2005
Prague: Galerie Rakouského kulturního fóra v Praze
Zeme-Krajina / Land-Landschaft <!-- exhibition>
This, ca. 1994 Next Nature, ca. 1994 Gerald Van Der Kaap
This, ca. 1994 (left)

Next Nature, ca. 1994 (right)
Curated by Camera Austria

Amsterdam: Club 11

Amsterdam: Club 11

06.11 - 21.11.2004
Rotterdam: Nederlands Fotomuseum (06.11 - 21.11) ; Amsterdam: Sotheby's (26.11 - 28.11)
Amnesty Photography Sale <!-- exhibition + public auction>
...to protect human rights, usually far from our comfortable homes ...
made in china Cat. nr. 063
Gerald Van Der Kaap
020215 1455, 2002
Ed. 3/9

580 x 400 mm

Gift of the photographer
Courtesy Torch Gallery, Amsterdam
EUR 1200 - EUR 1600

Public Auction: 29 November 2004, 07.00 PM at:
De Boelelaan 30
1083 HJ Amsterdam
Tel. x.31.(0)20.550.22.00

23.10.2004 15:45 - 16:45
Amsterdam: Felix Meritis
too many vj's
A panel on VJing and video art in the year 2004. Six artists with different creative styles and different approaches present their work and discuss today's ins and outs on visuals in the dance industry. Moderator: Gerald van der Kaap a.k.a.00-Kaap. Feat. Graham Daniels (Addictive TV, uk) | Eboman (Sample Madness, nl) | Fabian Grobe (Bauhouse, d) | VJ Milosh (pl/f) | Micha Klein (Micha Klein, nl)

Amsterdam: Club 11
RaUW ADE Special
Joost van Bellen | Jojo de Freq | live Warren Suicide | Black Strobe DX & EFX feat. Ivan Smagghe | 00-KAAP

18.09 - 05.12.2004
Amsterdam: Huis Marseille
Take Five! <!-- exhibition>
made in china Gerald Van Der Kaap
What we are doing (Modern Sleep), 2000
Coll. Huis Marseille
Huis Marseille is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a large survey exhibition of the collection. Catalogue.
huis marseille

Amsterdam-Noord: Bredero College
Sjaiesta & Ilse <!-- project>
15.09.02_17:10 Sjaiesta & Ilse. 2004.
5 x 11 m, installation view
Bredero College, Amsterdam-Noord

Van Der Kaap photographs highschool students in and around their school, at their homes, on the street. The final work is a giant print (5 x 11 m) mounted on the outside wall of the school. The picture above shows the fifth in this series: Sjaiesta & Ilse. The project will will consist of ten different portraits in total.

See more at www.geraldvanderkaap.com/bredero

14.08 - 26.09.2004
Graz: Camera Austria Kunsthaus Graz
Jump Cut <!-- solo exhibition>
made in china
Lendkai 1, 8020 Graz | press-info

14.05 - 10.07.2004
Brussels: Aeroplastics
Pretty World <!- exhibition>
Total Hoverty Gerald Van Der Kaap
Total Hoverty FI 20-2, 1992
Courtesy Artlab, Tokyo
Gerald van der Kaap , Daniele Buetti , Anthony Goicolea , Peter Hutchinson , John Isaacs , Mark Seliger , Inez van Lamsweerde, Dana Wyse , Matthew Barney , Rineke Dijkstra , Ina Senftleben, ...
Rue Blanche 32, 1060 Bruxelles

Goede Vrijdag 9.04.2003
Amsterdam: Melkweg • The Max
Passion 2004 <!--experimental easter party>
made in china

00-Kaap (image), Aardvarck, Joost van Bellen, Laidback Luke (sound)

27.03 - 05.06.2004
Paris: Maison Européene de la Photographie
'Le cinéma des photographes néerlandais'
un panorama en 60 films (1917-2002)
<!- exhibition>
82 rue François Miron, 75004 Paris

13.01.2004- 20.02.2004
Shanghai Art Museum
Encounters with Modernism <!-- travelling exhibition>
International tour with highlights from the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
The Stedelijk Museum is organising a travelling exhibition from its collection with about 80 works by around 70 artists. The group comprises works by Andy Warhol, Carl Andre, Picasso, Piet Mondriaan, Wassily Kandinsky, Willem De Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, Georg Baselitz, Günther Förg, Gilbert & George, Jannis Kounellis, Douglas Gordon, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, Gerald Van Der Kaap and others.

All together this selection shows the important developments of the second half of the 20th century, supplemented by the work of younger artists and several modern classics from the first half of the 20th century..
This travelling exhibition will be seen successively at the Shanghai Art Museum (January 13 through February 20), the Singapore Art Museum (March 18 through June 6), the Pinacoteca São Paulo (July 18 through the end of September) and the Museo de Arte Moderna Rio de Janeiro (mid-October to the end of December).

09.11.2003- 29.02.2004
Arnhem: Museum voor Moderne Kunst
Neverland <!-- exhibition; chill terminal>
Gerald Van Der Kaap, Chikako Watanabe, Nirit Peled, Mieke Gresnigt, Jennifer Tee, Ben Benaouisse

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