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BlindRom v0.9 - The Prototype

Last update: Wed 22 Jan 1997

voted best CD-Rom at the Berlin Videofest'95_@$#%^&&*)%


...die bisher geilste CD-Rom ueberhaupt...

Spex (Cologne)

...BlindRom belongs to the very best of what I've seen on CD so far...

Wave (Antwerp)

...BlindRom releases the unfettered impulses of the God Pan...

Morph's Outpost on the Digital Frontier (San Fransisco)

...The best CD sofar...

Anonymous (Los Angeles)

...Is Van Der Kaap the new millenium's Muybridge?...

N.R.C-Handelsblad (Rotterdam)

...BlindRom is the first of its kind because of its wayward design and structure...

Trouw (Amsterdam)

...This CD is so off the wall that it stands out a mile from the carefully coded order of most US wares...

MacFormat (London)

...An anarchic intervention into interactive technology, the personal and the social combine in this fragmentary and kaleidoscopic work...

Jury of the Berlin Videofestival'95

...The interface is like that Monty Python record that had two grooves on the one side. BlindRom is that multiplied by a factor of 10...

World Art (Sydney)

...Immagini en suoni sono assolutamente fantastici...

CD ROM Oggi (Milan)

...One of the most innovative philosophical CD-ROMs in the ROM market...

The Program/Granada Television (London)


last available copies

BlindRom v0.9 is a mixed-mode CD featuring the acclaimed CD-Rom that was produced and created by Gerald Van Der Kaap in 1993. The CD also features five previously unreleased audio-tracks by Leo "Anemaet".

BlindRom v0.9 is the prototype of an interactive magazine. The interface which poses as a predictable button-strewn contents page is in fact an anti-menu giving you access to a "fusion of Art, Mayhem and Music".

BlindRom first run of 3000 copies included a copy of Mediamatic magazine and is sold out. Important notice: orders for this collector's item are dealt with in the the order they come in.

Organization: Laboratory For New Media
Mime-Version: 1.0
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I'm confused. Sold out? All gone? Can I get a copy? How can I purchase it in/or from the USA? I've seen it at school and love it very much.

Thanks, Dawn

sold out? all gone? can you get a copy? how can you purchase it in/or from the USA?

No! Don't be confused. We still have a few copies left from the original BlindRom v0.9. It's available as a very limited handsigned edition.

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Published in 1993 by The Blind Trust. Produced and created by Gerald Van Der Kaap. Original music by Leo Anemaet.

Track 1: MacIntosh formatted CD-Rom. 181 Mb. Requires: 4Mb of RAM, System 7 or higher, but not too high, colour monitor. Track 2-6: audio CD. Running time 37 min. Requires your regular CD audio-player.

Price EUR 150,00 (including taxes, excluding EUR 10,00 postage and handling)

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